A Primer on Folding Knives

By Steven Roman


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About the Book

A Primer on Folding Knives is a comprehensive guide to folding knives. It is designed for both new and experienced knife users who want to expand their knowledge of folding knives.

What Master Knife Makers and Others Are Saying About the Book

Mel Pardue—Master Knife Maker

“This book is one of the best books on Knife Anatomy, Steel Metallurgy and Sharpening that I have seen. I very much enjoyed the Section on Steel Metallurgy. This book would be a great reference book for anyone that makes knives or collects knives.” Mel Pardue Knives

Matthew Lerch—Master Knife Maker

A Primer on Folding Knives is very thorough. It contains detailed information on all aspects of the modern folding knife. A good ‘go to book’ for anyone interested in knives, knife terminology, knife anatomy, opening and locking mechanisms, knife care, knife sharpening and steel metallurgy.” Lerch Custom Knives

Kyle Crawford—Work Sharp Brand Manager|Darex, LLC

“With ‘A Primer on Folding Knives’ Steve Roman has created an essential desk reference for any knife user or enthusiast. While he dives deeply into complex topics like metallurgy, sharpening and blade geometry, he does so with detail and clarity that allows anyone to understand and learn. His brilliant use of photography and imagery also make the book easy to follow, understand and more importantly easy to enjoy. I also appreciate how Steve conveys the information based on his extensive research and experience and is clear about his personal biases and opinions and does not present them as fact. This is a complete resource on folding knives and has earned a place on my desk for frequent reference.” Work Sharp web site

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